About me

Manuel Martinez, is a multimedia journalist, living in Chicago, Illinois. He is the staff photographer/videographer for Crain's Chicago Business. He worked at the Denver Post/Viva Colorado for one year and at the Naples Daily News for 5 years, contributing video and photos to both the print and online publications. His work consists of shooting, editing and posting video and photos for both daily publications and long-term projects. 

Manuel has collaborated with photographers, writers and videographers across the country and internationally, to create strong documentary-style footage highlighting current affairs. His work ranges from daily events photography to in-depth storytelling, focusing on the important stories and people in his community and abroad. 

Manuel has a degree in English and a degree in Visual Journalism from the University of Tampa and Brooks Institute of Photography. He has held positions at several newspapers and magazines as a photographer and videographer earning him several awards in both focuses. 

Manuel has always been passionate about storytelling through photography and video, and consistantly looks to deliver the highest quality products to each and every client. He comes from an art-minded family, which he attributes to his interest in visual media. Manuel's entire family is from Asuncion, Paraguay, and the majority of his relatives still live in South America.